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The Matte trend has come in full swing, but are you all for leaving the shiny finish behind?

Matte nails, matte lips, and matte eye makeup; the fad of having a dewey finish is out and matte is in. Matte is defined as being dull and flat, without shine. Most young women and teenagers have loved the matte trend because it gives you a sense of power and overall badness. The sleekness of having a dull lip, nail or eye color can give you a businesswoman like stature especially with the dark matte colors.

I’ve adored the matte trend, especially with matte nail polishes. I love that with a matte topcoat you can turn any of your favorite colors into a gorgeous matte shade. One of my favorite matte polishes is “She’s Gone Matte” by Sinful Colors. I like that this isn’t a full on matte product and that it has an underlying shine to it, so if you’re not ready to fully hop on the matte parade try a porcelain matte polish instead.

Matte Nails

She’s Gone Matte

Here are a few tips and tricks when working with Matte products.

Matte Lips

Choose a Hydrating Matte Lipstick

Matte products have been known to dry out your lips and leave them very chapped so try and choose a hydrating lipstick or matte gloss instead. If you can’t find one of these options then apply a chapstick or lip balm 5 minutes before applying the matte lipstick so the chapstick can hydrate your lips.

Exfoliate First

Always make sure to have baby soft lips before applying a matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks tend to show your chapped lips more than a glossy lipstick would, make sure to DIY an exfoliator or buy one from your nearest drug store.

Be Careful

Since matte lipsticks are so drying it’s always best to apply carefully because you don’t want to dry out another part of your face. First line your lips with a similar color and then either use a lip brush or carefully fill in the color to look the best with a matte lip

Matte Nails

Always Use 2 Coats

Using one coat can result in an uneven or unfinished look, sometimes the product doesn’t have a matte finish if you only apply 1 coat of polish, so always apply 2 thin coats of the color.


Having moisturized nails allows for your polish to stay on longer so apply cuticle oil or lotion before painting your nails and let it absorb for at least 5 minutes before wiping it off your nails beds with a towel.

Be Careful

Matte is all about precision so make sure to stay off your cuticles and edges for a clean look. If you do happen to get some polish on your skin then simply get a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover and clean it up.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you decide if you want to climb aboard the matte trend or stick to your classic glossy finish.

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