Handmade Jewelry and Clothes From Garbach


I recently stumbled upon a shop on Etsy called Garbach, run by founder and owner LaTrice Black. She is from Houston and very recently launched her line of handmade, jewelry and clothing. I received a few of her trendy items including the Gold Rope Necklace, Gold Bullet Bracelet, and the Midnight and Electric Blue Kimono.

These clothes definitely made a good statement. I love how there isn’t anything else like this anywhere so I don’t feel basic whenever I’m wearing these clothes. Throughout the school day, many people asked me where I got the cool looking clothes and I received many compliments on the unique, adorable jewelry that I was sporting.


I really liked the Midnight and Electric Blue Kimono. A week after I received the kimono, my mom asked to borrow it and I doubt this will be the last time she asks to sport it. It feels soft to the touch and it was also soft when I wore it, unlike other kimonos that I’ve worn that were itchy and uncomfortable. The kimono was loose and flowy, but it was also able to keep me warm in some of my chillier classrooms. Since the fabric isn’t super heavy, I’ll be able to wear in the summer with some shorts.

garbach etsy


My favorite item from Garbach had to be the Gold Rope Necklace. I like how this necklace makes a statement and is so unique. I highly recommend this necklace if you’re looking for some sort of statement piece for your outfit. It comes in gold, silver and a combination of the two.



Last but not least is this super awesome Bullet Bracelet. I was  intrigued when my dad told me about a piece of jewelry made with a bullet. I had never seen anything like this before and I certainly didn’t think that a bullet could be turned into a women’s fashion accessory. I was pleasantly surprised when I received this cool bracelet that feels more like art work when I’m wearing it. This bracelet comes in silver or gold. As you can see, I chose the gold one since gold is my favorite metal.

garbach etsy

I hope you are able to check out Garbach. The site has many types of jewelry including tassel earrings, studs and bib necklaces. If you are looking for inexpensive, trendy, and unique clothes, then its the place to go.

Have a lovely day,

Mocha Girl

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.



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