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Instagram has been around for almost 6 years and it is still booming. If you don’t already know, Instagram is a photo sharing app that lets you post pictures and short videos. You can also like or comment on other people’s photos. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to have an awesome Instagram.

Make a Theme 

Themes are commonly used around Instagram because they make your feed look more aesthetically pleasing. To create a feed, go to Pinterest or Google and look up Instagram feeds. After you find one you like, try to take pictures that match your feed. On Pinterest, you will find many formulas for editing your pictures to make them match your desired style. You might like calming whites or vibrant colors. It all depends on you. I like to use just one filter (HB1 on VSCOcam) on all of my pictures and stick to whites, browns and greens in my photos. Following accounts that are pleasing to you can also help you decide your theme. I like @kylie_watkins, @abbyb3rg3r@orionvanessa, @nikapensek and @connorfranta. Looking at other people’s Instagrams that I like inspires to take better pictures.

Instagram Themes

Post at Primetime

According to many websites such as Huffington Post, posting at a certain time of day can help boost the number of likes and comments you receive on an image. Posting during lunch times or dinner times is best for receiving a lot of likes. Wednesdays at 2am or 5pm are the best times to post your pictures to get a lot of likes.

Prepare Before

Uploading your images beforehand can help you plan out your Instagram. You can use an editing app like VSCO so you can see what your Instagram will look like before you post since it follows the same layout. If you’re really dedicated you can make a pre-Instagram that is private to upload your pictures.


Take Clear Pictures

Make sure you pictures are crisp and clear before you upload them. Pictures that are well taken look a lot better than blurry or grainy images. Similarly don’t over edit your pictures. Adding too much filter to your image can make it hard to look at, so make sure to turn down the filter on your images.

Post Frequently

Posting often can make your Instagram one that people want to follow because they see you’re consistent. I recommend posting every two to three days if you’re just starting your Instagram so that you will appear on the Explore page and people will be able to find you easier. Although posting often can be a good thing, you must refrain from posting too much. Over-posting can make people get annoyed and unfollow you, so try not to post multiple times a day to maintain your follower count.

Have Fun!

Instagram is supposed to be a fun photo sharing app and a way to interact with old and new friends. Make sure to not get caught up in how many likes or followers you have because they do not determine your self-worth. Post pictures of what makes you happy and just have fun.

Have a lovely day,

Mocha Girl

My Instagrams are @mochagirlstyle and @goodallphotos. Make sure to follow them!



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