Album Review: “Phase” by Jack Garratt


Many amazing, new artists have been popping up this year in the music industry. Up and coming artist Jack Garratt, has been my favorite over this past month and I’m excited to share his work with you.

I discovered this British singer-songwriter by searching through many Spotify playlists for someone with a new and intriguing sound. Garratt was one of the artists I found. He currently only has one album out which is entitled, Phase. He released his debut album on February 19, 2016 making him a very new face in the music industry. Phase has a very Indie Pop and electric sound to it which allows you to bob your head along to the music.

My top 5 favorites songs from Phase are: “Worry,” “Fire,” “Water- Acoustic,” “Remnants,” and “The Love You’re Given.” “Worry” is Garrett’s most popular song and the was the first one I ever listened to on the album. The song starts out slowly with a little bit of guitar in the background. Garratt’s voice is calm and soft before the beat drops and the song speeds up.

My next favorite is the song, “Fire,” starts out with an interesting and slow electronic sound followed by a quicker pulse which leads into the chorus with clapping hands,

“Give me your fire, give me reasons to learn, give me every excuse to burn, let your flames rise, let your flames rise.”

My third favorite comes from the deluxe version of the album and is entitled, “Water-Acoustic.” The acoustic version of this song is very slow and begins with a beautiful piano part leading into his voice which is very serene and soft sounding. This song is good for relaxing and providing a calm environment as the beautiful piano carries throughout the entire song giving it a very jazzy vibe.

My next favorite of the album is the song, “Remnants” which is a lot like “Worry,” as it starts out slow then progressively gets faster with an electric beat.

Lastly, I love the song “The Love You’re Given” which carries the same part of him singing throughout the entire song repeating and almost sounding like an instrument. This song is slow as well and has a nice piano and drum sound in it. The singing in the background is carried into 1 of the ends of his songs, “Synthesis Pt. 1.”

I would award Garratt’s album Phase 4.5/5 stars because all of the songs carry a similar theme and sound like they go together, but at the same time, they’re all so different and unique from anything else that I’ve heard. I highly recommend checking out Jack Garratt’s Phase album because it is absolutely amazing.

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