My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers


In recent years, YouTube has become increasingly popular. and a bunch of people have started to create videos and post them. I have been watching many different YouTubers for a while, and I’d like to introduce you to 10 of my favorites.


Aspyn Ovard
aspyn ovard

Aspyn Ovard is a beauty and fashion YouTuber as well a lifestyle vlogger. Aspyn creates high quality videos about her favorite beauty, fashion, and design trends. She also creates videos about DIY ideas for your bedroom or living area. I really like Apsyn because she has a super sweet yet slightly sarcastic personality and always has cute and creative ideas. My favorite videos of Aspyn’s are her life hack videos. Most channels do these hack videos, but Aspyn’s are actually practical and anyone could do them. She also has a second with her husband, Parker Ferris, called Aspyn and Parker.

Ingrid Nilsen

ingrid nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is also a beauty and fashion YouTuber, but Ingrid’s videos are a lot calmer and more serene than Aspyn’s. Her content is bright and colorful. Ingrid not only does beauty and fashion videos, but she also does a lot of food and advice videos on her second channel TheGridMonster. I love her second channel as well because she’s very insightful and gives really good advice about almost anything. My favorite content on Ingrid’s channel are her outfit idea posts. Ingrid will show her favorite outfits for a season or how to wear a specific item of clothing. I like that Ingrid gives different styling options for each piece of clothing she chooses.

Michelle Phan

michelle phan youtube


Michelle Phan is another beauty, fashion, and tech YouTuber who became popular because of her makeup tutorials that would transform her into a different person. Her famous Zombie Barbie tutorial led me to discover Michelle. I love that all of Michelle’s videos are very beautiful and calming, Michelle prides herself in having good video quality and letting you relax while watching it. Michelle gives amazing advice and is helpful source of information when you need it. My favorite videos on Michelle’s channel are her trend report videos where she talks about upcoming trends in fashion, beauty, and tech.


zoella zoe sugg

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is a beauty and fashion YouTuber who lives in Brighton, England.  Zoella is one of the most subscribed to beauty YouTubers and has over 10 million subscribers on her main channel and over 4 million on her vlog channel, MoreZoella. Zoella is a happy and bubbly person with an adorable sense of fashion. The thing that makes her appealing to so many people is her openness and honesty. She often talks about her anxiety and panic attacks. I love Zoella’s style and overall drive to stay joyful even in the darkest moments of her life. My favorite videos of Zoe’s are her clothing hauls. I love to see all of the cute things she manages to find. Zoella’s brother Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe also has a YouTube channel. So does her boyfriend Alfie Dayes aka PointlessBlog.


Hailey Devine

Hailey Devine

Hailey Devine is a travel and lifestyle YouTuber who is good friends with Aspyn Ovard. I actually discovered Hailey through the collab she did with Aspyn. Hailey is a professional videographer who makes gorgeous travel diaries as well as adorable videos with her husband Brad and daughter Lucy. I really like how down to Earth all of the Devines are, and how they pursue all ideas that they have. The Devine’s travel diaries make me want to go to see the world.


Liza Koshy

liza koshy

Liza Koshy, aka Little Brown Girl, is a comedian who became famous on Vine and After she blew up on other social media channels, she created a YouTube channel that became a huge hit because of her quirky and bubbly personality as well as her not so discrete puns. I love Liza’s sense of humor and how she isn’t afraid to be straight up with you. One of my favorite videos is her famous Driving with Liza where she tells jokes and dances while driving crazily.

Miranda Sings

miranda sings

Miranda Sings is a hilarious character created by comedian Colleen Ballinger. Miranda badly sings covers of songs and gives terrible advice. She also shows off her various baes. Miranda is really entertaining to watch as she does some pretty outrageous things.  I love Miranda’s videos, especially the ones where she dances while she sings her original songs or covers of popular songs. This fall, Miranda is even coming out with her own Netflix show called Haters Back Off.



SacconeJolys: youtube

The SacconeJolys are an Irish family that lives in London and vlogs their daily life. They are a family of four – Jonathan Joly, Anna Saccone, Emilia SacconeJoly and Eduardo SacconeJoly. Emilia is 4 years old and Eduardo is 2 years old. The family also has 6 dogs. The SacconeJolys are close friends with Zoe Sugg and they have been uploading vlogs on of their life including their wedding, the birth of Emilia, the birth of Eduardo, and the birth of their puppies, for many years. I love how committed this family is to sharing their everyday life. They never seem to miss a vlog.


Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono is a fairly new YouTuber who does covers of popular songs as well as mashups with fellow YouTubers on his channel. I love the overall joy and the positive vibe that Alex is always showing on his channel. Alex once dated beauty guru Meg DeAngelis. aka Maybaby, and is now close friends with her. He even made a cover of the song, “Valerie,” with her. Alex is extremely talented and is by far one of the best amateur singers on YouTube. My favorite covers of Alex’s have to be “Here” by Alessia Cara and “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. He sings so phenomenally in both of those and they are a perfect range for him.


Cimorelli youtube

The Cimorellis are a band of 6 sisters who sing covers of popular songs and make their own music. The girls in the band are Christina (25), Katherine (24), Lisa (22), Amy (20), Lauren (17) and Dani (15). They also have 5 brothers that occasionally play guitar for them. I love the Cimorellis because they are an incredibly talented band and are all super sweet girls. My favorite covers of theirs are Wrecking Ball and Skyscraper because I think that their voices shine through in these songs.

I hope you check out and maybe even subscribe to these amazing YouTubers!

Have a lovely day,

Mocha Girl

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  1. Amy G. 13 May, 2016 at 19:23 Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I haven’t done a lot of research on YouTubers, but have a couple that I love. I’ll have to check some of these out!

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