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The Selection series by Kierra Cass is one of my all time favorites. The series is a trilogy of stories that includes The Selection, The Elite, and The One. There are also multiple spin offs including The Heir, The CrownThe Queen, The Guard, The Prince and The Favorite. The Heir and The Crown are also in The Selection series but they are not included in the trilogy that focuses on America and Maxon.

the selection series

The first story, The Selection, is where we are introduced to protagonist, America Singer, a singer who lives in a dystopian society. This kingdom of Illéa has a caste system where each family is placed into a certain ranking ranging from 1 to 8. Ones are royalty and Eights are homeless. America is a 5 and has a pretty okay life. She has already fallen in love and has no interest in being enrolled into The Selection, a competition where 35 girls compete for the heart of the Prince and eventually become the Queen of Illéa which should be every girl’s dream, but not America. The Selection is my favorite book out of the entire series. I think this story is so original and different from any other dystopian book I have ever read.

The second story is entitled The Elite where the pool of women has decreased greatly. America is still wary of Prince Maxon and keeps wishing for Aspen, her boyfriend. America has to make many decisions in this novel. Choose Maxon, risky and unfamiliar but sweet and a One, or choose Aspen, stubborn and controlling but familiar and kind. America is faced with many hardships as this novel continues and is shocked with many twists and turns in her life. I personally would rank this novel my 3rd favorite out of the series because I think this is the slowest-paced book out of the three.

The last story is The One where America competes at last for the crown against the other girls. America is faced with many controversial trials and acts very dangerously which may jeopardize her chance at the crown. America has decided what she wants and is willing to fight for it. I think that this is the 2nd best book in the series because of the crazy things America has to go through and the amazing ending.

I highly recommend this series and hope that you will look into it. I know that my friends and even my mom have really loved this book series. Kierra Cass is a phenomenal author and has released other stories which I love such as The Siren which I also would highly recommend.

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