Album Review: Dopamine by BØRNS

A fairly new face in the music industry is Indie pop artist, BØRNS. On October 16, 2015 he dropped his debut full length album entitled Dopamine, which was filled with electronic and alternative sounding songs. I discovered BØRNS through beauty blogger and YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen who mentioned the new artist in one of her Favorites videos. After hearing the acoustic version of his song “Electric Love” featuring Zella Day, I was in love with his awesome, fresh sound. Most of his songs are very instrument based with a lot of soft drums in the background to get you dancing and your head bopping along to the music. BØRNS is an American singer-songwriter who also has an EP that is entitled Candy including songs such as “Electric Love,” “10,000 Emerald Pools,” “Past Lives,” and “Seeing Stars.”


My top 3 favorites from his album Dopamine are: “Electric Love,” “Fool,” and “The Emotion.” “Electric Love” is a song that is easy to sing along to with its happy and catchy lyrics. The song is light and airy and is often heard in the background of commercials. I like the different and amazing sound of this song and how BØRNS is able to hit high notes beautifully. My second favorite from the album is, “Fool,” one that a lot of people often overlook. The last song of the album is very easy to get up and dance to with its steady and fast beat. The lyrics of the song are talking about how BØRNS is head over heels for an unnamed girl who is making him act like a fool when he’s around her. Again he manages to hit astounding high notes in this song which he has proven easy on live versions of the song. Lastly, I love the song “The Emotion” which is a slower song with a lot of electronic sounds in the background. One of my friends introduced me to this song after she raved about it constantly saying it was “His best song.” I listened to it and was also impressed by the song.

I give BØRNS’s album 4/5 stars because it’s a very good album but some of his songs tend to sound very similar. I would highly recommend his album and his Spotify session where you can listen to the songs live.

Have a lovely day,

Mocha Girl