Album Review: “25” by Adele


After taking four years off to raise her young child, British pop sensation, Adele returned with a brand new, bestselling album. The album is entitled “25” which is how old Adele was when she wrote it. I was surprised one morning last year when I saw Adele had dropped her hit, Hello, I listened to the emotional song and fell in love. I excitedly waited for the album to drop and definitely wasn’t disappointed in the content. I’ve been a fan of Adele for a very long time and have enjoyed each of her songs from her album “19” to her single “Skyfall” and everything in between. Each of Adele’s songs has such a unique sound to it even though they’re all fairly slow each tells a different story to it. I love that she is so open with her feelings and writes down things people can relate to and even if they can’t her songs are just really nice to listen to.


My personal favorite from the whole album is one of the most overlooked songs, I Miss You. The song is a bit long for a radio hit but it is absolutely amazing and worth listening to every second of it. I love the slow melody and the story she tells throughout the song. The song is melodic and beautiful to listen to making it my favorite piece from her album. I think Adele really poured her heart into this song and is showing us her deepest feelings.

My next favorite from the album is her song, “Love in The Dark.” I love the lyrics she expresses in this song saying,

“I can’t love you in the dark, It feels like we’re oceans apart, There is so much space between us, Maybe we’re already defeated, Ah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah everything changed me”

I think these lyrics are just so moving. She is telling us about one of her past relationships and how they began to drift apart, causing her to change into a different person.

My third favorite from the album is her hit, Hello. This is one of the songs that I can hear a million times on the radio but still be absolutely in love with. Adele released this surprise song after four years of being on the down low and it blew up in an instant. When I saw this song pop up on my song queue I thought it must be a mistake but I was pleasantly surprised by Adele’s astounding vocals.

Adele 25 Album Review

Remedy  is my next favorite from the album. When I first listened to the song I have to admit I didn’t like it very much but it quickly grew to be one of my favorites. Adele is saying how she can save someone from the pain they’re feeling if they will just let her in. I really enjoy this song and definitely recommend it even though it isn’t talked about a lot.

Last but not least is Adele’s song, Send My Love (To Your New Lover). She recently released the artistic music video for this song at the Billboard Music Awards. I love how though she is talking about a breakup she is also saying how she doesn’t want drama between them and hopes he treats his new lover better.

“Send my love to your new lover
Treat her better
We’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain’t kids no more”

I give Adele’s album 5 stars because she is just amazing. I hope you guys check out Adele’s album “25” and love it as much as I did. What song is your favorite from the album?

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